Java: Development Process

Software development can be looked at from two perspectives process and product. Process is how you go about writing programs. Product is about the programming structures themselves (types, statements, classes, ...). Most programming books, as well as these notes, are concerned primarily with the product, eg, how to write a loop in a specific programming language. To be successful, you need to know all the product information, but you also have to master the process of software development, which is largely self-taught.

There are basic program development techniques which make program development much easier, and which are used by professional programmers for maximum effectiveness.

"The longest journey starts with a single step" - Chairman Mao

The following is advocated by many top developers. It's really effective in producing programs not only faster, but with better quality.

More simple techniques

Intermediate techniques

As time goes on, you will want to do some of the following.

Best Practices

In any field the most effective techniques become enshrined as Best Practices. There are lots of good books (and lots that aren't good!). Here are some that I've found very good, and all of them are very readable, even enjoyable!