Java: Text

If you work with text, you need to know about the following user interface text components.

JLabel 1 plain, HTML "page", and/or an icon plain or HTML For displaying a fixed line of text. Can be HTML
JTextField 1 plain For entering or displaying one line of plain text.
JFormattedTextField 1 plain Added in SDK 1.4, JFormattedTextField is a subclass of JTextField for which the type of entry may be specified. For example, a field can be constructed to only accept integer values.
JPasswordField 1 plain For entering one line of plain text that displays a symbol instead of the characters, ie, for entering passwords. Subclass of JTextField.
JTextArea many plain For entering or displaying multiple lines of plain text. Put it into a JScrollPane to add scrolling.

Advanced text components

For display of formatted documents, you might use JEditorPane (for displaying plain, HTML, or RTF text) or JTextPane, which extends JEditorPane to allow embedded images and components.

Additional Text features